Poison Cosplay : Street Fighter X TEKKEN

Sexy girl with her long ​​pink hair is Poison, she was one of the playable character in the Street Fighter Video Game series (originaly from Final Fight Game), and what you see in this Poison Cosplay picture is Poison of Street Fighter X Tekken Video Games, I believe all the fans will not miss this Fighting Game.

                                                Mussum's WorldCosplay

Yea I know...I think Mussum needs a little Abs in her belly to look exactly like Poison  character in the Game, but that's not the main point in this Poison Cosplay picture, Mussum has managed to show us the cute side of Poison from Street Fighter video game, which is imposible we can see in the original game. beside that...i love her pose and how she stare at me with her dare eyes ^^.

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