Mio Akiyama Swimsuit Cosplay by Izumi

This time you are lucky because you can see shy girl from K-On! anime wearing her swimsuit,  this is Mio Akiyama Swimsuit Cosplay photo by Izumi, she is a member of the light music club and a childhood friend of Ritsu, though she joined the club because she were forced by Ritsu, but she loved it. she has long black hair and gray eyes I think her appearance looks fit in this Mio Akiyama Swimsuit Cosplay picture, even though she does not look have gray eyes.

                                                Izumi's DeviantArt

Well its pretty, kawaii Mio Akiyama Swimsuit Cosplay Pictures, Izumi Lee has a beautiful black hair and we also can see Yonor cosplaying as Yui Hirasawa in this here, they both look so super cute I want to go there and swim with them xD.

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