Kakashi ANBU Cosplay by Suki

Kakashi is the Most Awesome Ninjas in Naruto Anime series for me (well after Itachi ^^), in this Kakashi ANBU Cosplay picture, Kakashi still using ANBU costume (Konoha's Elite Ninja Force) which means when this photo was taken he was still a member of ANBU, he is very talented ninja which can copy all his opponent moves/jutsu with just one look, that's why he got the nickname Copy Ninja Kakashi.

This is very cool Kakashi ANBU Cosplay picture really love the color contrast here, the red color looks very match with black and white color in pic besides that Suki (the cosplayer) had Kakashi's serious stares. one question ... Why i can see Tensa Zangetsu (Ichigo's zanpakutō ) in this Kakashi ANBU Cosplay picture?? it will be the eternal question xD, well its cool anyway.

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