Cute Dark Magician Girl Cosplay : Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime

Dark Magician Girl is often used by Yu-Gi at the time of the duel, she has the appearance that is very similar to the Dark Magician (I think they were brothers) except that it is mainly blue and pink, In the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime Dark Magician Girl appears as a monster spirit dan alive, with blonde hair, green eyes, and wields a wand. exactly the same as you see in this Dark Magician Girl Cosplay picture.

                                                Usagiyakuro's WorldCosplay

She's perfect if you're looking for a witch girl wife, cosplayer in this Dark Magician Girl Cosplay  picture is a Japanese cosplayer, Usagiyakuro, isn't she look too cute as the Dark Magician Girl? if I had her in my Card Deck, I will ask her to do something else besides Duel .... like cook a soup for me xD, well its pretty awesomely kawaii cutie Dark Magician Girl Cosplay Pictures.

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