Asuna Yuki Cosplay by Izumi Lee

The most beautiful girl in Sword Art Online anime and the Queen of Fairies Titania in Alfheim Online game, Asuna is one of the few girls who play SAO and trapped inside, she became sub-leader of the strongest guild 'Knights of The Blood Oath'. when the Sword Arts Online incident end she still traped as Titania in another VRMMORPG called Alfheim Online.

                                                 Izumi's DeviantArt

Cosplayer behind this Asuna Yuki Cosplay image is Izumi Lee, I love her hair (it looks real), and also her sword, her cosplay costume too, well I love everything on this Asuna Yuki Cosplay photography. I wish I could marry her and replace Kirito position. well think it will never happen ^^'. see also her cosplay as Karuta Roromiya.

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