Annie Leonhart Cosplay by Miyuko

Cute soldier from Shingeki no Kyojin Anime Series, Annie Leonhart Cosplay photo, I think annie and Eren has a special relationship that makes Mikasa and her did't get along, in chapter 44 Shingeki No Kyojin manga, Eren remember when Annie was challenged by Mikasa to fight but it was discontinued... who wins?.

If you want to see cute asian Cosplay version of Annie Leonhart I think this Annie Leonhart Cosplay picture can satisfy your imagination, this is a Annie Leonhart Cosplay picture by Myuko (AZA), I just can not imagine Miyuko cute face turns into a creepy 15 meter Titan face. and Now I also want her to teach me how to fight ^^ she looks so cute in this Annie Leonhart Cosplay picture.

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