Saber Cosplay by Mikki Nyan

Saber is one of the main characters in Fate/Stay Knight, the character was inspired from the story of King Arthur, She is the "Once and Future King" and a legendary hero of England known as the King of Knights, but we could see something different from this Saber Cosplay by Mikki Nyan. is it? come on, you've seen it too. yap ... she's wearing Kimono! (or Yukata, I never know the difference Lol), this is the first time i see the Knight hero of England wearing Kimono (kawaii desu ka!? :D).

In this Saber Cosplay photo, Mikki Nyan has made Saber safer to be approached, first She wielded the sword from the stone, Caliburn (Don't mess with her), but it was eventually destroyed. She later obtained Excalibur (she can cut you in one slash), and after a long time in Japan she is now training to be a samurai! (Knight Wielding a Shinai...Cool!) and Safer! XD. 

I do not know why but I'd rather see Saber with yukata like on this Saber Cosplay photo, she looks softer and sweeter with blonde hair tied up like that, basically Mikki Nyan already looks very cute with her ​​kimono.

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