Kaname Kuran Cosplay by Taruki

"O god I'm melting" I'm sure that's what the girls will say when they see this Kaname Kuran Cosplay, cold stare that freezes the heart and calm expression that makes Kaname Kuran look very tempting for the girls, plus the atmosphere at this picture makes him look more cool, (thanks to PugOFFka who have made a very beautiful cosplay photo).

The Cosplayer name behind this handsome Kaname Kuran Cosplay is Taruki Blackstein, and she is a girl!. well ... bad news for you girls, I think she's not going to like you :D, the first image we can also see the Vimpire Knight princess a very beautiful Yuki Cross and the cosplayer name behind it is Violet, I really like the first picture "love the intensity and the emotion you can feel the burst off the page! " that what people said.

Taruki Blackstein's Dev page. taruki-blackstein.deviantart.com

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