Erza Scarlet Cosplay by Helldolly

Today is a Fairy Tail Cosplay photo day, after Cana cosplay photo by Diacita, now I have Erza Scarlet Cosplay photo with a very impressive prop, I forgot the name of this armor, but the armor is most often used by Erza during battle (especially in the early episodes of Fairy Tail anime), cosplayer name in this cool Erza Scarlet Cosplay is HellDolly, just wondering how long she was prepares her costume, I'm sure lot effort required to complete it.

                                HellDolly DeviantArt

I really like the detail in her cosplay costume, hard work indeed will never betray us, right? there are so many Erza Scarlet Cosplay photo out there and there is one thing which similar in every Erza cosplay (with this armor). large prop makes them always look shorter than their real high, it also happened to Erza Cosplay by Cristel Lim. well good work HellDOlly i thinks many people love your cosplay photo.

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