Tier Harribel Cosplay by Unknown Coser

One of the best Tier Harribel Cosplay photo ever (my version tho :D), although i don't really like her sword but everything looks perfect here, the cosplayer got Harribel's body, her dark skin, awesome eyes, and perfect body posture, and thats.....nvm, her Tier Harribel Cosplay costume also has been made well with nice detailed.

Harribel has dark skin, green eyes, blonde eyelashes, and messy short blonde hair with three braided locks. She wears a variation of the Arrancar jacket with a high collar, which covers the lower part of her face downward. There is also Ulquiorra Cifer Cosplay too, they both looks like a real character, but sadly i did't know who's the cosplayer behind this Tier Harribel Cosplay photo, i got this Unknown Coser photo randomly from internet. 

so please comment if you know something about whos the cosplayer behind this Tier Harribel Cosplay and Ulquiorra. 

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