League of Legends Cosplay Photography by ASHNEKO

League of Legends Cosplay Photography by ASHNEKO Gallery

The cosplayer name behind this League of Legends Copslay photography is ASHNEKO i dont think that was her real name, but i think her name can be mean Ash Cat XD (Neko = Cat), i dont really like that name, i think KawaiiNeko sound better ^^", well on this League of Legends Cosplay photography Ashneko was made pretty Ahri Cosplay photo, at the first and the second cosplay photo its look like that League of Legends Cosplay photo was taken at the night time, not sure why but i think i dont really like the lighting on that cosplay photo that looks too contrast with the dark background, the second picture looks better, in the rest League of Legends Cosplay ASHNEKO has manage to show us a real Ahri, she looks cute and pretty though i think her body posture seem bit different with Ahri character, my favorites picture is the third and 6th picture, poor pik xD ahri seem made to him. well i got this League of Legends Cosplay photogrpahy by ASHNEKO from her WorldCosplay page, this is sweet Ahri Cosplay.

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