Neneko Cosplay Photography as Erio Towa

Neneko Cosplay Photography as Erio Towa Gallery

Finally i can post another Neneko Cosplay Photography here, Neneko is uber cute cosplayer from taiwan ^^ thats why she always manage to make anime character look more cuter than a original one xD, i dont know what do you thing about this Neneko Cosplay Photography, but i think Neneko was manage to make Erio Towa not just cuter here but she also look so hawt with pose ^^, Erio Towa is the main female character from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Anime series but i dont really know about this Erio Towa character because i dont following this Anime, well Neneko got a nice hair on this Neneko Cosplay Photography ^^ i think she really look nice with that color, and that blink-blink XD i like that, i got this Neneko Cosplay Photography from neneko's facebook page, its really sweet Neneko Cosplay Photography.

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