Evangelion Cosplay Photography by Ahane

Still remmember hows good Ahane as Boa Hancock (refresh your maind about that One Piece Cosplay Photography from this link) she's really did great One Piece Cosplay in that photo, and on her previous cosplay photo ahane wearing puddle cosplay costume ^^ she cosplaying as the character from vampire savior (forgot the character name).

Evangelion Cosplay Photography by Ahane Gallery

This is another Evangelion Cosplay by smexy coser, yea in this Evangelion Cosplay Photography ahane got a bit propocative pose that make every guys wanna see more of her cosplay photo, beside her pose she also got a very nice Asuka's swimsuit, Asuka is a descendant of German and Japanese although Ahane does not look like a german descent but she look fits enough as Asuka ^^ well i got this Evangelion Cosplay Photography from her facebook fans page. and i love it.

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