Sweet Saya Cosplay : The Idolm@ster

In this Saya Cosplay Photo she cosplaying as Hibiki Ganaha the character from The Idolm@ster game, im not the idolmaster fans so i don't know anything about the idolmaster character, well actually i don't really like Saya costume on this Saya Cosplay photo, though she still look sweet with that costume but i think that gold color costume look not fits with saya, well i still like her hair, black long hair always look good on saya ^^, this is sweet Saya Cosplay photo.

Sweet Saya Cosplay : The Idolm@ster Gallery

Hibiki is a member of 'Project Fairy', and appears in the PSP Games as a rival. Hibiki has long, black hair tied into a wild ponytail, and is usually seen in sporty outfits, and usually wears hoop earrings. Hibiki is from Okinawa, and is highly energetic and cheerful, i think saya fits enough with that Hibiki personality, you can find Previous Saya Cosplay photo from this link, there is so many great and sweet Saya Cosplay photo that make me in love with saya ^^" well i got this Saya Cosplay from cosrain, its nice Idolm@ster Cosplay photo.

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