Beautiful Aira Cosplay as Terra Branford

After i have post Aira Cosplay as Sheryl Nome on the previous post, now Aira Cosplay as one of female character on Final Fantasy VI (i completely don't know about this character XD) all i know is Aira is very beautiful on this Aira Cosplay Photo, I'm not a big fans of Final Fantasy series, The first Final Fantasy movie I watched was Advent children XD thats like four years ago, although i don't really like Final Fantasy but i like and know some character in final fantasy, such as Tifa and Yuffie.

Beautiful Aira Cosplay as Terra Branford Gallery

Well i think there are many factors that affect this Aira Cosplay photo looks pretty (especially for the first picture), first Aira already sweet and pretty (for me) second, Aira look even more prettier on that Terra-Branford cosplay costume and hair color, i really love the color contrast on the first Aira Cosplay photo, that dominate with blue color and mixed well with the cosplay costume color and the light effect on her back make it even more beautiful, well i got this Aira Cosplay Photo from cosrain, its sweet Aira Cosplay.

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