Asae Ayato Cosplay : Rejected Cthuko

More Asae Ayato Cosplay photo as Cthuko character from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, you can check more of Asaye Ayato Cosplay as Cthuko from here :D (i bet you would love that) actually i think Asae Ayato look more cute with black, white or blonde hair like on Asae Ayato Cosplay photo as Sena Kashiwazaki, but Asae Ayato with red hair like on this Asae Ayato Cosplay is not bad tought ^^.

Asae Ayato Cosplay : Rejected Cthuko Gallery

Asae Ayato Cosplaying as Cthuko and her friend name is Yuushi which cosplaying as Nyaruko (is that nyaruko!? not sure XD) well i love to see Asae Ayato Cosplay photo but there is something more interesting about this cosplay, that is their pose, hey...Yuushi pease don't reject Asae Ayato like that :O she want a hug (or kiss, whatever is that i wanna become Yuushi now XD), at least fast switch position with me, i won't reject her Lol, well i love this Asae Cosplay photography but already forgot from where i got this cosplay photo, sorry for not including source link for this Asae Ayato Cosplay photo. 

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