K-On Cosplay Photo by Neneko

Another K-On Cosplay photo of Yui Hirasawa character, this time i got K-On Cosplay photo by Neneko, actually i really not in the mood for posting since i feel so tired and i got problem with my Computer, i got Dr.Watson error, i cant open my cosplay photo collection when i trying to open some folder my explorer will crashed, =.=" that stupid, i tying to fix this problem with disable Dr.Watson feature from system registry but that fail, i think i must reinstall my windows >.< and say goodbye to my application on drive C. 

K-On Cosplay Photo by Neneko  Gallery

XD enough with vent, lets get back to this sweet K-On Cosplay photo by Neneko, i dont remmember hows this K-On Cosplay photo by neneko look like since i just see that several time before my explorer got crashed, so i dont know hows fit neneko as Yui Hirasawa, but i know and i believe neneko did great on this K-On Cosplay photo, she got cute and sweet face that seem fits as Yui Hirasawa character and personality, beside that i think Neneko got similar body posture too, so even i cant see that K-On Cosplay photo but i know that neneko has did great on this K-On Cosplay as she did great on every her cosplay photo, well i got this K-On Cosplay photo from Neneko's facebook page, love its.

i hate reinstall my windows >.<

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