Fairy Tail Cosplay Photo by Miya

When I saw this picture for the first time, I was really amazed and stunned to see Aries actually live in the real world XD this is the best Fairy Tail Cosplay photo of Aries character ever, she's so damn hot here xD, she got sweet face that really look fits as Aries character on anime, her body posture seem perfect to make her look even hawter than Aries in anime (well ofc shes hawter XD since shes real) beside that she also has an innocent face, i really love her expression and pose on this Fairy Tail Cosplay photoI once wanted to be come a firebeder like ang, or become natsu that can use fire magic (that really cool) but this the first time i really wanna become Lucy Heartfillia XD

Fairy Tail Cosplay Photo by Miya Gallery

I wish I was a Celestial Spirit Mage who has Aries zodiac key XD, since i saw this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo i think i really hate Leo Character on fiary tail (hes Aries's Bf) he's really lucky to get aries heart, well everything look perfect on this Fairy Tail Cosplay by Miya, the cosplayer looks perfectly fits as Aries, the cosplay costume has been made well and that look smexy on her, her makeup make her look more sweet, and her hair is soo natural (i really wanna get her now XD) Next time i think i should make post about the best Cosplay photo from every anime series, well i got this perfect Fairy Tail Cosplay of Aries by Miya from her worldCosplay page, hope i can get more cosplay photo of Miya next time, <3 it.

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