Asae Ayato Cosplay Photo as Cthuko

More Asae Ayato Cosplay Photo :D, though I know Asae Ayato not as long as I know SPCat girls, Kipi or other famous cosplayer but she already got my heart XD i mean its always great to see her cosplay photo, and i think every cosplayer has their own uniqueness, and and one characteristic of Asae Ayato is, she always looks natural with a thin makeup and also a natural lip color, and the most I like from every Asae Ayato Cosplay photo is her red cheeks xD, well sometime thats make her seem different with character image that she cosing, but i think thats why i like Asae Ayato Cosplay.

Asae Ayato Cosplay Photo as Cthuko Gallery

But she look different on this Asae Ayato Cosplay photo, this time we can call Asae Ayato as Lady in red XD well not because she wearing Red Dress or something like that, but the red color seem dominant on this Asae Ayato Cosplay, she wearing red hair (wig) she got red eyes (thats look nice on her ^^), red Lips (i think this is my first time i saw Asae's as red as it) and ofcourse she still got her red cheeks :D, although i prefer Asae Ayato with her usual style but i still love this Asae Ayato Cosplay Photo, i think she has made Cthuko come to alive here (though she not fits enough with Cthuko personality), Cthuko is female alien from Haiyore! Nyaruko-San anime, i don't mind if alien invading earth as long they look cute as on this anime XD, well. i got this Asae Ayato Cosplay Photo from Ophanium, its nice Anime.

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