Neneko Cosplay Photo as Grimoire AL-Azif

This time Neneko Cosplay as the main female protagonist from Demonbane anime series, Al Azif, well since im not following demonbane anime so i dont know much about this AL Azif character, i think Neneko looks fits enough as AL-Azif character, she has made kawaii version of AL-Azif, i found so many cute al-azif but there is so many more mature version of this character on the internet, so if i compare this Neneko Cosplay photo to mature version of al-azif, neneko seem not fits at all, and because i compare this Neneko Cosplay with cute version of AL-Azif i can said Neneko has did great on this cosplay photo.

Neneko Cosplay Photo as Grimoire Al-Azif Gallery

Neneko is very cute and i think she got similar face characteristic and body posture with Kipi, that why she will always looks fit when cosing as kawaii character like this one, on this Nenenko Cosplay photo she wearing very nice cosplay costume, that costume made her even more cuter but i think her lower part of costume seems to short ^^" well that a nice part for male viewer xD, however that AL-Azif cosplay cotume seems has been made with nice detailed ~love that, i got this Neneko Cosplay photo from her facebook page, there is so many great Neneko Cosplay so if you wanna see more her cosplay photo just visit her facebook page :D.

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